Delicious Daniel Fast Snack or Dessert

frozen banana bars

I try to minimize added sugars, even when I’m not on a Daniel Fast. If I get a craving for something sweet, I like to whip up a quick batch of these Frozen Banana Bars. It doesn’t get much easier than this recipe. Only three ingredients. No baking involved. Minimal clean up.

Trust me. This one’s a keeper!

Frozen Banana Bars

2 medium bananas, peeled, sliced (about 2 cups)
1 cup roughly chopped dates
1 cup roughly chopped raw cashews

Place bananas, dates, and cashews in a food processor or blender. Process about 30 seconds or until smooth.Transfer to an 8 x 8-inch baking dish. Place in freezer 3-4 hours or until firm. To serve, cut into 2 x 2 1/2 –inch bars and serve. Store in freezer.

Yield: 12 servings (serving size: 1 bar)

Nutrition Facts
Calories per serving: 111
Carbohydrates: 19
Fat: 4
Sugar: 12
Calcium: 2


  1. aww yummy, you did it again, Kristen!

    perfect treat after coming inside from the heat :)

  2. Do you think walnuts or pecans would work in place of the cashews? I will be trying these.

  3. Is there a substitute for dates? I have an allergy to them. Also for the date sugar? Love your recipes BTW. Thanks!

    • Hi, Penny! Yes, you can use dried plums (prunes) instead. They’re not as sweet, but will serve the same purpose as the dates in this recipe. I hope you like it!

  4. Your recipes are awesome ! The acorn squash dessert is so delicious! Thank you for taking your time to share :)

  5. Kristen- I made these today as I’m on day 21 of the fast & definitely missing my sweets!! (I used to have chocolate every day.) I just had them & was blown away by how good they are!!! I even took out my all natural unsweetened peanut butter & added a little to one as sort of an “icing”… But even without that they are delish & I feel like I can definitely go another week like this!! I’ll be honest that I’m doing this mostly to lose weight (I’m down 9.5 lb today!) but have seen the favor of the Lord through this as well. Your website has been a huge help!! Thank you!! =)

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