The Pain You Don’t See

I stood at the base of Commodus, a popular, 5.10a sport climbing route at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch near Jasper, AR. It was a sunny September day, and the weather was perfect. Climbers from all over the country had gathered at Horseshoe for a full day of climbing. Since Commodus is a classic route, several people wanted to get on it, including Justin and me. So when it was finally our turn, I was ready to go. Justin had already led the route, which means he had attached our rope to the fixed … [Read More...]

A Late Night Message

A Late Night Message

It was Lisa Bevere, Sheila Walsh, and me – sitting down together, having a conversation. Only I wasn’t doing any of the talking. I was listening intently, with tears running down my cheeks. That night, I’d gone to bed early because I wasn’t feeling well. An hour after lying down, I woke up with severe stomach pain. I took a dose of Pepto Bismol, hoping it would help. Since I couldn’t sleep, I went into the living room. I should pray, I thought. Or read my Bible. But I didn’t. Instead, I … [Read More...]

August 2016 Daniel Fast

August 2016 Daniel Fast Testimonies

When my pastor announced in mid-June that we would be doing a church-wide Daniel Fast in early August, I immediately prayed about my response. Of course, I would participate, but I believed God wanted me to do something more. I shared about the fast on my website, inviting others outside James River Church to join us. I had no idea how many people would respond. After all, August is not typically a popular time to do the fast. Families are often on vacation. … [Read More...]