Crocus in Spring

When You’re in a Hard Season

Spring is finally here! Where I live, the weather is getting warmer, and flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it means new beginnings and new life. But not all seasons are so pleasant. Sometimes we find ourselves in an extended time of sadness or pain, somewhat like a spiritual winter. […]

How to Prepare for the Daniel Fast

How to Prepare for the Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is a unique type of fast because you can actually eat, unlike a liquid fast where only water or juices are consumed. But just because you can have food doesn't mean the Daniel Fast is easy. Fasting, in any form, is difficult because you're doing … [Read More...]

Why Christians are Slow to Fast

Why Christians are Slow to Fast by Kristen Feola

The Bible doesn't come right out and say, "Thou shalt fast." But there are several examples of fasting in both the Old and New Testaments. When Jesus taught his disciples basic principles of godly living in the Sermon on the Mount, He spoke directly on the topic of fasting. He said, … {Read More...}